Your Partner In Norman Control Parts & Equipment

Before acquiring Norman Control, Talley Machinery executives were big fans of the Norman lift tables, cart dumpers and other laundry equipment. "Nearly every time we went to a laundry for an ironer rebuild, we came across a Norman machine," says Talley Vice President Randy Vansparrentak, "Everyone in the plant spoke very highly of them so when there was an opportunity for us to become the sole manufacturer of such a well respected line of laundry machinery, we jumped at the chance."

Talley Machinery purchased Norman Control in 2012. Norman Control had established a reputation for designing and manufacturing a line of high quality, dependable laundry equipment that focused on improving worker safety and plant efficiency. For more than 60 years, Norman lift tables and linen cart dumpers replaced manual handling of heavy loads. Norman inspection tables helped reveal linen defects. Made in USAHundreds of these Norman Control laundry machines continue to run day after day, year after year in commercial, institutional, on-premise OPL and in other laundry facilities.

Talley Machinery is now the exclusive manufacturer of the Norman Control laundry machines. Heavy-duty dumpers, lighted inspection tables, lift tables, laundry trucks and their replacements parts and accessories are manufactured in the company's Greensboro, NC, plant.

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